La Janda Update

In October 2012 a group of us spend a few days in the basin of the laguna de la Janda exploring the place energetically and doing healing work. This winter with several spells of heavy rains, we have seen some areas flooding which is always a happy sight to behold.  A conference involving several groups of environmental activists took place in November and have been re- inspired to take political action to restore the ecosystem. This past week a group of local artists got together to explore how to use art as a means of raising awareness about the beauty and Soul of the lost laguna.

-2                                           Photo by Denise Barthe

Here are some notes taken after the seminar in October, what we saw and what we did:

Power to Create

We began the journey within our body, within our own center of creative power in the pelvis, and proceeded to find the resonance with the creative energy center in the land. The intention of our work was to allow our creative power to ‘speak’ with the place before doing any direct healing work.  Consciously experiencing these forces within our body made way to understand the essence of the land we were exploring.  Throughout the week we painted, crafted and
told stories, allowing the creative process to flow


P1090435Throughout the week we looked at Water as an element, water as an essence, it’s presence and it’s absence. Stagnating water and flowing water. We worked geomantically with the numerous springs in the area, and the main river that used to feed into the wetlands – the Barbate river. We connected to it’s source and to the source of the second river that flows into the wetlands – the river Celemin, and sang their song. The sources of these rivers have a magnificent story to tell, one which we will continue to explore and express in the future.


In Benalup Casas Viejas, the town directly bordering the wetland basin, we visited the places where the events of the sucesos, the oppression of the social libertarian movement, took place. We heard how the campesinos (land-workers) organized themselves to find new social structures to deal with the extreme poverty that existed in the area and how their attempt to gain control were oppressed in a violent massacre.  This event had a direct influence on the ensuing civil war and the forces that worked to arrest economic and social change, to secure and defend the position of the dominant class took a stronghold.

In our geomantic work we touched upon the  essence of this place and it’s ability to inspire people towards creation of new thought-forms.  I believe the Spirits of the land have a ‘gift’ to offer, and working with them serves to strengthen and inspire impulses of transformation in economic and social structures.  Experiencing the energy of the dolmens present near the Celemin river (and the nearby cave paintings which have no public access), it seems that the qualities of this landscape temple were worked with and appreciated by ancient civilizations as well.

North/South connection

The connection to Northern Europe, in particular within the context of the second world war was very clear during the work and a powerful healing took place along this ‘line’. We can follow the migration route of the birds between North and Western Europe to sub sahara Africa as an energetic line that can be worked with for healing and sending creative impulses of change




January 30, 2013 · 11:58 am

2 responses to “La Janda Update

  1. This is incredibly inspiring. I love how artists and scientists are blending
    in projects like this. Thank you!

  2. This is just beautiful and it resonates with me completely. I can’t wait to see the Laguna de la Janda myself and work with the spirits of the land through art!

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